I did my reading

wearing a Quark’s Bar shirt


it’s where I go

when I get a hankering

for Romulan Ale


& take a siesta

in the wonderment


& space & starships

the troopers are out

in full force

but I’m still soaring


dodging the photon blast

I try to drift off

into the Outer Stratosphere


I make a quick getaway

no one follows

but I can never be too sure

I cover my tracks

with a wet rag


once in space

I try the heavenly bliss

of letting the ships

fly at warp speed


I’m not there yet

But making great strides

I’m catching up


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zoom zoom...

zoom zoom...

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I'm an old blues devotee so

I'm an old blues devotee so for me it's more like "Boom, boom, boom."