Where did I go wrong?

What have I done

to earn this sorry state?

To deserve this wretched plight

of un-American decay?

Faltering into Planet Earth

with drums unsynced

and my mind in a panic

heart thumping like a beast

nervously darting eyes

with peripheral vision failing

voices dubbed over soundtracks

in computerized layers

fossilized dreams solidify

into viscous nightmare realms

all the while trees grow

and dense plant life multiplies

in sacred trust of wilderness

and I not knowing it

not getting to grasp

all the ins and outs, tos and fros

etc just following the path

of divine intervention

which still hasn’t done me well

still has left me stranded

in this sorrowful state of mind


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upon the first rereading...

upon the first rereading... your stream-of-consciousness style is great... it's your strength... (am i a self-proclaimed teacher/analyst?... fuck me!).

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your poem folder titles are

your poem folder titles are great!... lol... i'm just a fan, don't mind me.

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FFFFfuck YA!... hey, G.

FFFFfuck YA!... hey, G. Schaefer... it  may be the non-light beer and vodka talking... but i like the way you swing your original soul like a big Black cock demanding the sucking of Gods... no... that's not right... it's all wrong... and i've screwed up this comment... and i should delete it... sober up... and re-comment like a decent soul... but the SAVE button beckons... like a sultry virgin syren thusly... i come, gray malkin... ho! anon, bird! come, bird! come!... and so forth...


give me more, sir!... how unsatisfied your latest posted poem leaves my desperate spirit muchly... LOL... another great poem... go darker... deeper... and i shall follow... patiently.

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I only wish I had a big black

I only wish I had a big black cock.  Actually I wave my words around to compensate.

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They aint all big boo

Its a good wish though. ~S ~



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I wouldn't be privy to that

I wouldn't be privy to that information.  I just find commentary like that to be amusing.  In truth, I'd actually just like the additional girth.  It would actually make more sense if the color matched the rest of my body.

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interesting write

interesting write

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thank you

thank you