Lifting up weights

and feigning

some deluded, cracked

self importance

but my blue heart

can not lie

My soul

refuses to allow

me any self pity

or any rationalization

for my failures


Just enduring

the torment and pain

of the plight

of vision and poetry

without peace of mind

or joy or faith

just continuing

for no reason

other than spire

and its own sake


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Endurance withstands the test

Endurance withstands the test of time...

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that's what I'm hoping. 

that's what I'm hoping.  thanks for commenting

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i can't stop rereading

i can't stop rereading this... and i think it's because it touches so close to home... i relate... i'm ashamed to relate... yet if truth be the essence of art... then this is gasoline thrown on burning embers... thank you for sharing, truly... i'll shut up now... lol.

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thank you for reading and

thank you for reading and commenting.  I have no designs on stopping anytime soon.  I'm not sure I even would know how to stop

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the second reading was better

the second reading was better than the first... i like when you go dark... you will give me more, G. Schaefer... or I shall become most belligerent.

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yes!... beautiful, my friend.

yes!... beautiful, my friend.