I’m not interested in saving the world

I’m not even interested in saving myself

The planet will roll along

on its predetermined course

I’m not vain enough to give a thought

to me being able to save it;

such arrogance is unknown to me

I’m too small to save the Earth

I’m too weak to change society

All I really want to do

is live my life and enjoy it

I’ll leave the fixing to liberals

with their bleeding hearts of compassion

dripping blood into the sink

wallowing in their own self righteousness

I’ll leave the saving to Jimmy Swaggart

and the full of shit TV evangelists

(soon all the whores in America

will be purified by Jimmy’s Johnson)

I can’t save the planet, society

probably not even myself

but by merely living well

and creating well, I’m being well

and that’s all I really can do

and all I’m interested in doing





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Hedonist Creed

You r the reason the world  needs to continue as breathable! 



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I really struggle to find my

I really struggle to find my place and strike a balance.  They say you have to love yourself before you can love anyone else.  You also have to save yourself before you can save anyone else, too.  I'm still trying.