Littering rainforests

with oil slicks

& candy wrappers

     with death dream

glaring us in

      these conscious seconds

with fading interest

           in love and hope

All these fantasies


in a day at the tracks

     passing through

bland suburbia

        searching America

     finding Europe instead

finding it under

        every lampshade

and over top roofs

       of urban dwellers

with ants scattering along

       the avenues

    hoping for any type

           of quick fix

for the malaise

     & they don’t find

        in anything

anyplace or any any any

     to retrieve

the past fames

called names; insulted;

     slapped around

tossed off ships

     fleet afoot

cast bitter victors

       & rotten bullies

the stench of rotted meat

      soils the pure smog

         of city nights

an American poet recoils

      in the horror

    of these discoveries

alchemy not able

        to make gold

               from dust

philosopher’s stone

      proving to be

    a useless deterrent

      to any quest

        with diamond mines

promising treasures

     beyond earthly compare

          & drawn in

        by the pitch

wandering gypsy menaced

      in L.A. and New York

still struggling

       the gypsy scorned

          by the Catholics

yes, this hazing

           & hatred

does go too far

        at times

   and that’s when

       we have to worry

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