And then

people find out

that I’m really not

that naïve

that I ain’t innocent

I’m guilty as sin

I have whore’s blood

raging thru my veins

I do not know

the meaning of the word

I merely hide

behind sinister dimples

and persuade people

to take me at face value;

accept my word

cuz I’m so sweet;

so childlike

I couldn’t possibly
know the touch

of a whore’s finger

on my prostate

or the whiskey breath rantings

of the downtown drunk

no one will believe it

I have carefully managed

to pull the wool

over everyone’s eyes

I act the part

of the unknowing child

able to invoke

the frail innocence of youth

con my way

with great skill and aplomb

as everyone thinks

I wouldn’t ever;

I couldn’t possibly

but the tricks of a whore

I know so well

ever so cautiously

concealed by sweet words

& the boyish charm

of sinister dimples

able to strongly suggest

something other

than what is really

beating inside this heart



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