German poets & French philosophers

reigning in an evening

Sioux tobacco buried in slow

             appreciation visions

       of Great Spirits


Simplicity is complicated affairs

of the heart lead the soul to the mind

                   for free


terrifying visions haunt us along

              the open highway

as we cruise along from coast to coast

trying to see all the country

and be home for breakfast


but along the way ricocheting

from city to city we journey

without a set game plan


hit a liquor store for a bottle of wine

                 and groove

on a doobie with a flashing traffic light

for a moment without provocation


with one or the other we carry on

not totally sure how or why

yet the road does beckon

with personal invitation

to the experience of its being

and essence not concerned with

          all the trivial frivolities

we spend most of our adult lives

          hung up over

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