so immediately

am I struck

by the incision

of your thought


It penetrates

the core of

my being


and speaks volumes

to me of light and dreams

and love and hope and peace


but I was

too blind to follow

but I was

too deaf to listen


My eyes were open

but I did not see

My ears were open

but I did not listen


and now the clarity

of vision

has penetrated

to the core of my soul

in spite of it all


I now see

I now hear


I listen intently

to the pulse 

of your heartbeat


I can understand now

what mere moments ago

I could not


The words you speak

sink to my heart

and I listen carefully

the pearls of wisdom


I can now see clearly

the light in your eyes

leading down the tunnel

to your soul


and I can only

find your soul

by allowing you

to find mine


Desperate for purity

in thought and emotion

I find I must follow you

on the path you travel


I find I must follow you

I find I must follow you




Author's Notes/Comments: 

written in the early 90's.  Not completely sure who I was writing about.

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