Two halves striving to become whole
Growing in the same direction
Supporting each other in love
This is what I crave.

I am not content with a constant
battle when
two should feel connected enough
to meet halfway,
but instead each day is met
with uncertainty at best,
whether it'll be a good day filled with love
or another one of those days
sighing and crying for help from above,
signs and messages to prove
that this is the right place,
the right soul,
the right space,
the right face.

Aligning with spirit, is aligning with Source,
aligning with pure consciousness,
God's energy from whom we can never truly

So if this is what it is then as we further connect to the root,
then shouldn't it bring together two souls
that both reach for the truth?
Should two who have vowed to commit life to life
feel so strained to find the right page
and the right rhythm and rhyme?

As two spirits walk their chosen
incarnation into this plane,
why then does it feel like two paths stray further away?

We're always striving for an understanding
both expected to be plain,
lost in the expectations we hold each other to,
never quite finding our point together halfway.

As someone who often has so much to say
I'm lost for words.

And to some extent, I feel so ashamed.

Trying to stay positive and keep these pains
to myself,
trying to dissipate the troubles I have
with the hand I've been dealt,
or more accurately...

... this situation that I've created for myself.

Something that once felt like a manifested
dream in plain sight,
just might be the placeholder I chose to hold on to
in place of the one thing that would've been right.

The piece of myself that I lost before I started living this life.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Freewritten venting aka just letting words spill from my mind into my hands to clear my mind before I reset myself to face another day. 

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