Making or Not Making of Love

To make love as it were
is an interesting way to describe
the physical coupling that results
in the genetic doubling
or bringing of two halves
to create a new whole.

If we speak in a strictly practical,
less magical truth...

But deep dive with me, and you'll see
beyond this 3D reality,
to it there is much more.

Sex is the actual description
for that action most take
while the truth is when two do love make
it's a joining of soul to soul.

Engaging in intercourse or
physical play
is a way we dilute connection
generally reserved for that deeply
intimate two-way reflection
beyond these shells of flesh
that we claim.

For we are eternal beings
temporarily living, yet eternally
loving, evolving, and revolving
around cycles of lifetimes
through which we incarnate
in order to experience
life's full range of existence
in different paths and manners
on multiple planes.

Statistical significance of
one life's existence
in any day and age is nothing short
of a miracle when two naturally come together to procreate.

But science and technology
and the detachment of Spirit
from biology
has most taking for granted
these acts and these incidences,
leaving many ignorant to
that deeper level of expression
of spiritual connection
through ecstatic physical play.

Particularly when it's just about
relieving physical urges and, or
it's one-sided desire, concentration
divided between what's present and
what one is reminiscing,
what's a fantasy,
what's actuality,
and maybe things not rooted in reality.

Devolution to the baseline of humanity's
animal roots,
rather than ascending to who we are in truth.

Semantics aside, the act as it were
has the propensity to be as shallow
or as thoroughly deep as we allow ourselves to be.

Whether it's truly the making of love
or just debauchery in the spirit of being free
to take pleasure in mindless acts of the flesh, call it what it is supposed to be.

If spirit touches spirit, true love is made and felt.

Anything else is just the waxing of a shell.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

First hand at writing in a long time. Thinking on the fact that more often than not these days, people don't truly make love to each other. It's amazing when it happens, particularly when two people are on that same soul level and have the ability to. However, it seems to be such with many that it's just play, glorified masturbatory action with the help of another human body.


I've always had a hard time reconciling this with myself, probably coming from a strict religious background and priding myself on not engaging unless I truly felt something for someone. I went through a period of trying to work through that, and ended up just coming to peace that people can be as free as they want, and I'm okay with that. In my life, I can do either, but generally prefer the deeper intimate connection. It's just who I am. /endofthoughttrain

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