A Wind

Wayward Motions

Forecast for the 'morrow:

Suncast moments


perplex simplicities.

(I am just an 'observer of beautiful forms')

Sunshadowed forms

creep along the southern


Made-men mimic Nature

thinking all the while

that She steals from us.

I attend, I examine, I am within

somewhat of a-

Kaleidoscope dreamscape.

It rocks and stills me

It is a divine act;

courteous and wrenching.

A southern wind

entwines in my tresses

with knightly intentions

of a surety.

But it reminds me

of the pure, unadulterated

depth that Darkness can

accede to.

~(Beautiful in its own right)~

We are all willing participants

in the game of Life;

We choose, we gain, and we

lose again and again-

Weaving in and out of time,

counting all the losses and

never the wins.

Not this time.

The southern wind

pulls towards the horizon

and I step out from the within.

I tire of fighting Shadows,

I just want to live.

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