No Artificial Flavoring

Wayward Motions

Warning: Batteries not included

Winte r Solstic e arrive s

without the manual to life

I hav e no t forgotte n

that breath not seen

i s breat h no t waste d

Cool crisp country air

Flowin g throug h m e

Even if I'm singed to the bone

Th e bon e i s no t m e

If I give up before I die please

Forgiv e m e.

My curls may fuse with madness

Bu t th e ligh t withi n stil l shine s

Clarity is so rare for me

A boo k withou t a  tabl e-o f-content s.

As long as my insides are still red

An d m y eye s stil l se e-

This world might not be too much for me.

Bu t pleas e, n o artificia l flavorin g!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

E.E. Cummings is one of my favorite poets... can you tell? :P

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