I always thought


was whacking 

a wiffle ball

off the neighbor’s house


Trotting around

an imaginary basepath

Harry the K

making the call


but that view

only grew

after painfully learning

leaping off the steps

with a spoon 

wouldn’t transform me

into Ultra-man


then I crisscrossed America

being trailed

by gratefully deadicated folk

thinking Kerouac

but never finding 

the gemlike flame.


Then I saw towers collapse

and oval office tanning

first naturally

then with spray on fakery


I used an orange crayon

on a $20 bill

My face reddened

with a realization

of my own naivety


We’re still America

and we’re repeating ourselves

far more often than we should


Losing a bet to Santyana

is the new normal

It’s a damn circle

that desperately needs to be broken.






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