I like getting

to take a walk

in weather like this


It’s one of those nights

when you just let

the poetry write itself

and very little effort

is demanded


It rained late afternoon

and early evening

and then tapered off

and it’s warm for winter

but the ground doesn’t dry

and many puddles remain

filling sags in the road


but it’s a gorgeous night

to take a stroll

even on familiar streets

and the wetness of the ground

just seems so fertile


and inspiration

it strikes in a heartbeat

and each step echoes chance

and headlights

from the oncoming traffic

glares in my face 


all the hedges and tree branches

are still damp from the rain

and I step in a few puddles

and it’s all okay


the light from the gas station is on

and the bakery is closed

but the baker is already there

preparing the sticky buns

for the morning rush


but I’ll be sleeping in

dreaming and pondering the future

and what it’s gonna bring me

over the next several months


Well, for now, I’m buzzing,

The Flyers are rolling in replay

and Scooby Doo is hungry


Positive thinking might help

so I’ll psyche myself up

and give myself a pep talk:

get a computer

learn computers

print up a book

keep on getting better

learn German or Dutch


but it was a charming walk

through streets old familiar

and I’m jonesing for a beer

and maybe a snack


Cap the night time right

and push yourself through

another evening’s chance

and this is all that’s left

even after all this time.








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