So this is

how it goes?


A Wawa tuna hoagie

with pickle dill chips

& a mango green tea

in an emergency waiting room.


A bypasser questions 

“Is this your Christmas dinner?”


Apparently, a Wawa hoagie

is my Christmas dinner

as a classic Yule movie

plays on the TV—

at least I’m with family.


The wasn’t really

the original game plan

for how the day would go.


I’m gonna count it

as a bucket list item

so I can make an X

on that non-existent list—


although between you & me,

it never was something

I really dreamed about doing.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Rushing my mom to the hospital on Christmas day.  She would pass away a mere 17 days later after an 11 year battle with cancer.

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