I’ll have truly earned

the scorn & derision

of the critics

whence I finally

release this dribble


but I won’t walk the plank

of Orizaba

& follow Crane to a death

of either asphyxiation

or shark meal


the pundits will get their say

and the reviews will be severe


but I fear not

the harshness of acidic pens

that tear my heart to shreds

and leave me for dead


the kindness of strangers

has bailed my ass before

& plucked me from the abysss,

fed me, rescued me

and sent me on my way


Surely, some kind soul

will prop me up again.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Don't fear the reaper (or the critics)

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Stephen's picture

Greatest write I have seen in some time.


georgeschaefer's picture

thank you for the kind

thank you for the kind words.  Glad you enjoyed it.