Stand there 

on the dwindling beach


Your machine gun

may terrify the children

but the melting ice caps

shrug with indifference.


Fire your rounds recklessly

into the ocean waters

The rising oceans tides

are having none of your shit.


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Political stuff

I usually hate political poems.  However, your humor makes it palpaple.  Stephen

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I'm not exactly sure why

I'm not exactly sure why environmental concern would be viewed as political.  We all have to breathe the same air.  Like Pope Francis invoked, It's really human responsibility to take care of the planet.  It shouldn't be a political volleyball.

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I am indifferent to this issue.

The only exception is recyling plastic bags at Walmart and recyling electronics.  Stephen

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Recycling is a way to take

Recycling is a way to take care of the environment--along with things like picking up a couple pieces of trash every day, reusing items that can be reused etc.