I always read

that cows were reckless

& pretty oblivious.


I heard tales 

of bovine suicide—

cows that would 

just walk right off of a cliff


It always struck me

as rural legend

until a trip to the D.R.


Riding through small towns

with a couple friends;

we found ourselves mired

in an epic traffic jam


We were sitting still

next to a small pasture.

with cows grazing.


As we sit there 

fuming over the traffic,

we see a cow

walk right off the cliff.


“Did that just happen?”

We’re looking at each other

in stunned silence.


I guess it either ruined
someone’s car

or made someone’s holiday

a bit more festive.


It was a lesson 

for my naïve big city slicker mind.

Cows really do kill themselves

or at least display

no more common sense

than the average citizen.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

average citizen of either country:  theirs or mine.

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fish jump out of ponds and

fish jump out of ponds and lakes. the ones you catch in time and put back, will jump out again. ive seen dogs on rooftops too - ready to jump. psychology says animals have no concept of suicide, but i believe that's foolish to assume. as humans are animals too