Inhuman world

Can you even start to imagine?

The fear and despair in children’s eyes with horrific expectations? 

In your head, Can you multiply the terror thousands of times?

Can you calm a child who’s mercilessly subjected to all these bombings

Subjected to watching his parents killed with cold blood? 

His siblings murdered in front of his eyes? 

In your heart, can you feel what is going, on the other side? 


Can you?

Can you save the disconsolate toddlers from shaking? 

The 11 year old from carrying headless bodies?

The mothers forced to leaving their children under the rubble?

The 80 years old from watching their families wiped out? 


Can you? 

Can you eliminate the impending danger by forces of evil.. 

pouring from the sea, by land and from the skies?


How Can you sleep at night? 

Observing their soul depart because of starvation? Dehydration? 

Or Tortured until they died?

How can you rest your mind?

If you’re not doing anything to stop this genocide? 

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