A heat of a Thousand Suns

Stoned Sour
His voice faltered at first then faded off..
He watched her slink closer,
carrying her flesh sensuously as some women can. 
Her face, 
a bewitching vision belonging only in dreams, 
contained a gleam of beauty as the nerves of her body were continually smoldering my desire. 
She slowly smiled seductively, 
as she sensuously stalked him,
shadowing him like a memory of a past lover. 
Inches battled for territories on both their bodies. 
Then looking him flesh in the eye, 
she wet her lips-mingling them with whispered words of:
"I want you" and "I need you."
Second by second seemed to loudly waltz all around them before he finally nodded. 
They were intently locked on each other dulling their senses.
They were blinded by their lustful urges. 
Both blinking into one another instead of seeing the rare sight of time dramatically dance by.    
"Lets get away from prying eyes.
I'll meet you." He muttered huskily. 
She sneaked a kiss before slipping away at his words, 
becoming lost in the crowd and completely out of sight. 
He was close behind and fueled by their passion. 
Bringing a heat of a thousand suns on the back of his shoulders.