Teddy Bears of Time (song)

Teddy bears of time passing slowly through my mind
I try to catch one but they're leavin' me behind
So I walk down the street to my blue Cadillac
And the world keeps spinning upwards, the bears come crawling back

Blue smoke fills the air as my thoughts fill with despair
They kidnap me and blind fold me and take me to their lair
The clouds break forth in jelly beans of great variety
As the bears begin to prance about in perfect harmony

The teddy bears are falling like sands inside an hourglass
Counting out the time but the seconds seem to fade too fast
And somewhere in the streets a lonely wanderer scouts the land
Searching for some escape from those ever waning sands

I lay there in my bed as my mind contorts and wraps around
The outer workings of my skull, this new dimension I have found
A life begins anew, as time and space collide and burn
The magic beings smile lovingly as they discern

This new world does not exist, but inside my head
The elders of the noon day sun break the loaf of bread
All the while I lay and stair at this hypnotic dream
I place my head between my hands and try to loose a scream

The world is changing constantly, the colors fade to gray
Then burst forth in vibrant light, adding to the fray
Shapes and forms are shifting to things of every type
I see a purple mushroom and I bend to pluck the stipe

The ground falls out beneath me and everything goes black
I don't know if I'm falling or laying on my back
I see those bears surround me and dance their tribal song
But suddenly they fade away to the crashing gong

And everything is quiet, all is lying still
Darkness is all around me and makes me feel ill
I lie there on my side and think that I am dead
Was this a dream or reality, was this inside my head?

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