A heart left in the dust

I close my eyes and see,
Your image burns vividly in my mind.
I close my eyes and cry,
To think of what I've lost.
I must rip my heart out,
It has become a ball of molten lead burning inside of me,
It weighs me down, I must throw it away;
Cast it off into the dust and leave it to whither and die.
I cannot stand any longer;
End it, please; I beg of you on hands and knees;
Take this pain away from me; relieve me of this burden.
Carry my sorrows away from me,
Cast them off to the farthest reaches of the earth,
Condemn them to the darkest abysses of the sea.
If not, then finish the job you've begun;
Kill me quickly; don't leave me alone to slowly fade,
Whithering away like my heart trampled in the dust.

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