Is It Too Late? (song)

Is it too late to tell you,
What I’ve always wanted to say?
I know it is babe,
You've gone and left me today.

You left me cryin’,
Cryin’ into the night.
I was cryin’ when you told me,
And I still am tonight.

Truth is I loved you,
More than you could ever know.
But you've been mistreatin’ me,
And it’s time to end this show.

I fell for you twice,
And twice you let me fall.
You built my dreams up,
Before you crushed them all.


You know you had me,
From the moment you said hello.
Had me wrapped around your pretty finger,
Mama, don't let me go.

I couldn’t get enough of those green eyes,
Your hair’s soft, golden glow.
You don’t see what you do to me babe,
'Cause I never let it show.

But I've told you I love you,
And you know that I care,
What more do you want from me woman?
Now I don’t think it’s fair,

That I got nobody to love me,
And I have no one who cares.
You took my heart and you tore it apart
When I fell for your snares.

I wanna know babe,
Will you ever see?
That I give you all my love,
But you don’t do the same for me.

I give you all my lovin',
But you don't do the same for me.
I'll give you all of my lovin',
But you won't do the same for me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A blues song I wrote after a hard breakup, great inspiration, I didn't like the lyrics so I threw it in a dark corner and found it a year later. I reworked it a little and now I'm loving it! Added a nice A minor chord progression with the melody switching among the minor pentatonic, aeolian mode, and the harmonic minor.

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