The Pity That Got Tainted

Here I am.

Here you are.

I have a bone to pick with you.

But I can’t decide which one in our bodies is more deserving to be picked.


The friendship that keeps us close is walking on thin ice

And only perseverance can tell if one of us will sink or swim once it breaks.

Heck, I know how to swim even in murky waters.

The real question is can you swim yourself when what we have may not survive

Once I polish a work of art that was inspired by a fascination and one that came from my bleeding heart?


I spent consecutive Sundays going to church with my family while growing up.

Nowadays, we only go on special occasions when we discovered that God is omniscient and is in our hearts.

We come from two sides of the same dollar but we use applied knowledge from our faith to go out of our way

To help each other because I counted on you like 1, 2, 3 and there you were.

The only difference is that we lack the same perspective on compassion and tenderness.

Now that difference has inevitably become a chasm that split us apart.

And I realized that the word, “friend,” was used loosely too many times.


If public displays of affection bother you, it says more about you than it does about them

Because many couples have their own battles to fight to still be together

Sometimes keeping a romance going, let alone a friendship, is one of

The most challenging hardships that we’ve ever faced in life.


Since you threatened to cut the bridge over that alone,

I will gladly forge my own path and never look back at you if you say goodbye.


I spent childhood rescuing princesses from lava-ridden dungeons and animals from capsules.

Now I spend adulthood descending into castles and yearning to take in children who’ve walked through hell to find sanctuary.

During my adventures, I discovered that even demons are more than worthy for forgiveness if God made them that way to keep the world safe from Satan.

Such demons have arrived in our burdened reality looking for the tranquility that we grieve about because we took it for granted when it was still alive.


It is difficult to absorb the thought of how beautiful the world might be

If the rancorous zealots didn’t seclude themselves in their chapels

Nor spend their time unintentionally creating these demons by dehumanizing them

In addition to forbidding life-saving knowledge so they can accumulate or destroy it.


Envy brings out the worst in us and here lies the problem that is splitting us up like we’re made of one sheet of paper.

Friends don’t discourage each other from taking a risk to show appreciation for a righteous goal.

Nor do they abrasively jump to conclusions when they fail to see themselves in each other’s shoes.

These x factors only waters the seeds of doubt about our friendship planted in my head 

Until the flowers that blossom from them have had enough.


Only then do I realize who my real friends are in the end of the risky steps I have taken.

Here’s a shout-out to them

Who urge me to take care of myself and continue doing what I love first and foremost.

Here’s a shout-out to my sweetheart

Who is frequently out of sight but never far from home.

Here’s a shout-out to my leaders

Who continue to help me grow from my mistakes.

And last but not least here’s a shout-out to you

For teaching me a lesson that hearts made of charcoal can be painted in gold.


I am through playing pick your poison in our conversations.

I wish you good luck with everything you go through in life.

While there will be a void in your heart that haunts you in my eventual absence,

There will always be a kinder soul that will take your place in my own.