Tonight we sit in silent contemplation


Hoping to hold back the coming dawn


tomorrow rolls inexorably on


with no compassion to our fears


we sit upon the stone cold wall


listening to the world’s nightly call


I hold your hand and you hold mine


Waiting for the morning chime


Dew rests upon the blades of grass


Condensation trickling on single pane glass


Night calls tweet to woo


Only heard by a lonely few


Rivers of z’s float from a million throats


Stars move across the heavens


In bakers kitchens bread leavens


The place we sit is all alone


night cold seeps into my bone


Yet I don’t mind for with you my bodies blind


There are no toils or hills to climb


When your hand sits in mine


The sun breaches the horizon


And a new day born


Birds welcome it with songs of praise


At its beauty we do gaze


You lean in and kiss my cheek


And just like that you welcome a new week






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