This picture postcard canal city, Venice is a city of immense beauty and historical significance. It is a capital of Veneto region of Italy built on 180 islands and nearly 150 canals with more than 400 bridges connect these islands. City is regarded as most romantic city of Italy and world as well. Venice is a centre of European art and music. Many renowned churches, monuments, museums, palaces and squares are located in Venice. For better discovering this city a week-long stay is needed and for comfortable travel you can easily get a car rental at car4hires for you. Some of must visits of Venice has been listed below. 



Undoubtedly Venice’s most beautiful and well known church ST Mark’s Basilica is a must visit when travelling to Venice. It was a private chapel of Doge originally. It is a masterpiece of Byzantine art dating back to 9th century. This Church is an extraordinary example of some of the best works of art from the ornate details and sculptures to fantastically painted frescoes. 



The largest of the Venice’s 100 canals is The Grand Canal. This reverse S shaped canal connects the city with 4 bridges. Canal has also served as an important waterway to the city over hundreds of years. Many impressive buildings of Venice are situated on the banks of this canal. Early morning gondola ride is most beautiful experience one can have in Venice. 



It is also called Piazza San Marco, is the main square of Venice. It is main spot of locals to meet, stroll, enjoy coffee, get together etc. It is a natural epicentre of this city with most influential landmarks such as ST Mark’s Basilica and Palazzo Ducale around it. It is a must visit for classic Venetian experience. 



It is one of the most renowned buildings of Venice, This grand palace is simply stunning and features excellent works of art, lavish arched white stone designs, diamond designs on walls and uniquely designed rooms are immensely beautiful. This palace is a former residence of Doge and city’s centre of power and administration. 



It is a small bridge which was used to take criminals from Doge’s palace to new prison and criminals sigh on the last glimpse of Venice as well for their punishments. This bridge is one most visited and important landmark of city. 



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