War Within

Everyday I'm fighting this battle in my head

Everyday I feel it once again

Will I wake up okay or feeling worthless

I can see how people stop thinking it's worth it.


It's not something one can control

Or even really anything that you know

Hard for others to see the words within

It's not easy to forget my sins


Nobody ever comes by this feeling naturally

Everyone thinks it's fake but actually

It's all that runs through my head most days

Jesus is all that seems to keep me sane.


Hating myself for no reason

Realizing that God loves me in all seasons

The only thing that makes sense to me

Is that Jesus made me blind so I'd finally see


All this time I've hated myself for my sins

Jesus loved me the whole time through this time again

It's time to stop fighting this battle, but to win

As He carries me yet again through this war within


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Many people fight this War Within. A war within their mind every day. Some make it out, but some give in. I pray for those of us who fight this battle every day. If you're reading this, and you feel that way I say don't give in. Come talk to me. I will listen. God bless you.

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