No one ever sees your tears

when you're crying in the rain.

No one really knows your fears

until they've felt your pain.

No one understands the way you are

until you're gone again...




No one really wants to know

the real you inside.

The one they say they love

til they see it with their own eyes.

They don't really know who you are

until they join the fight...




Forever my heart beats in a way that I can't control.

Always looking for the one who won't break me anymore,

but finding out that everyone will when they walk through that door.

I just want to live a simple life because I'm a simple man.

I just want to have the one that will hold my hand forever...



No one ever really sees

the demons I fight inside.

No one wants to be around

when it feels like I've died.

No one knows the pain

just by looking in my eyes...



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