Shark Attack


Into the mouth

of the shark you go


Into the belly

of the beast


Welcome to hell

as your bitten in half


The blood cannot satisfy

the cravings that are endless 


The flesh contents 

the mind but briefly


And no one can hear your



As your dragged down to

the depths 


To your final grave,

where the creature waits 


For another victim to gaze

upon with its black eyes of hate


No soul, only

the thirst for more blood


Its stomach is like a bottomless pit:

pulling everything in into the black hole of its mouth


While you are above kicking your feet,

it is below plotting your demise


Waiting for the moment to strike 

catching your scent in its nostrils 


And when it bites it won't let go 

as you struggle to break free

Until your dead,

rotting in the bowels of it's stomach 



in pieces

Now you are free 



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by the movie "Jaws"

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