Which is witch?

Burn at the stake, 

inquisition of the witch.

” Thou shall not suffer”


But who is really the damned?

the one doing the deed?

or the accused?


which is which?

Who is the witch?


casting the spell,



Hypocrisy abound,

they damn themselves 


knowhere in the Bible

is mentioned


the sanctioned murder of



an Inquisition


misquoting scripture,

Roman catholic heresy Satanis


their war on the mind,

spawns of the Antichrist 


Shedding the innocent blood in

the name of one who despises them


Which is which?

who is the witch?


A priest,

a witch,

casting  the spell on the mind,

misappropriating the word of god,

the 7th hell is reserved

for those. 


A price to pay,

a soul to claim,


Nothing is free,

a sacrifice is demanded


You pledge allegiance to

a master who despises you


vile filth,

you are damned


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