A Wretched Hive of Scum and Villany

A wretched

hive of scum

and villainy


Thousands upon

thousands of snakes

squirming like worms


Trying to escape the truth

that is like kryptonite


They breed like rabbits,

taking over the continent


Worse then the black plague,

a human form of AIDS,


They infect their host

with their lies


Breeding pestilence,

mutating the creation


Sowing seeds of corruption,

weeds growing where they plant


Foul stench of death,

you can smell them from afar,


Their lives are nothing but lies,

their hearts are black as coal


Souless beings, demons in the flesh,

turning the world upside down


Weeping and woe is all they bring,

keeping the earth in a low vibrational state


Of their father the devil,

ye shall know them by their fruits


Hell is what they deserve,

wrath of god their final reward.








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