"Peace is a Lie, There is Only Passion"

You are dangerous. You are toxic. You are unpredictable. You are a betrayer and a liar. You only want what is convenient for you at the time. You are lazy and pathetic, why should I bother investing in a ticking time bomb? You will never come to me or talk to me on your own volition. You expect people to do all these things for you. But you never give anything back. You are entitled. You are delusional. I hate you!!! You are nothing but a Judas. A parasite. A waste of space and time. I will not be crucified by you. I will do my own thing and pursue my  own dreams and be my own self without compromise. I am the ubermensch. And I have overcome the need for you. Like a flower you will wither away. But I will thrive in this strife and hate. Because I am spirit while you are nothing but material and Temporary caprice. You move on to the next object of entertainment. You get bored so easily and nothing will ever be enough for you. I'm done playing your motherfucking game. Damn you to hell!!! You hyprocite. You have no morality or integrity. Only words, empty fucking words. I am a man of virtue, because I am what I am. You deny who you truly are and pretend to be something else. 


A man can choose or he continue to obey. He can continue to accept the status quo. Or he can choose to break these chains, by letting go of his hate. Only by thriving in strife can a man become truly powerful. Only by facing your demons can you transcend your fear.










Author's Notes/Comments: 

Peace is a lie. There is only Passion.

Through Passion I gain Strength.
Through Strength I gain Power.
Through Power I gain Victory.

Through Victory my chains are Broken.
The Force shall free me.


- The Code of the Sith

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