Pay Rent On My Vacant Heart

Struggle with me,

  tell me I'm worthless.

  hurt me,

  make me starve.

Shout at me,

  avoiding the issue

  at hand.

  you made promises.

Shove me

  with your words,

  spinning the knife


Slay me,

  my pockets empty,

  my head empty,

  my bed empty.

In my tears you swim.

In my fears you exult.

You're using me to live

In my house, de-evolving.

Making your excuses bare,

Tearing your eyes out,

Finding a reason to cheat me

And keeping the isolation.

Pay me,

  my rent is due,

  my house is yours,

  my debt is yours.

Wake me, too,

  the yardwork done,

  the flowers bloom

  with your gratitude.

Walk with me,

  focused on the future,

  finding a feast

  in each other's eyes.

Talk to me, toom

  firey and flightless,

  all manner and ethic,

  all grace and smile.

In these years, you'll grow.

In these years, you show

You're using me to live

While helping me to die.

Your cup runs out,

Your plate is emptied,

You've found a house

That's no longer home.

Pay me,

  my rent is late,

  my home is hate,

  your debt a knife,

  your lies a blade

  on which I lay;

  your anger a vise

  squeezing out my breath,

  your promises empty,

  my house empty,

  my bed empty,

  my heart vacant.

In time, you'll learn

  when you've been cold,

  when you're told

  to stay outside,

  I'll hear the cries,

  the angry tears,

  and it'll be years

  until I welcome you back,

  this time to a house

  that doesn't want you,

  doesn't need you,

  to pay rent owed

  on my vacant heart.

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