Isis Is (The Circus of Modern Life)

On to the circus we travel,

To see amazing travails

And stunts by runts

On to the tent show we go,

To feel laughter at bizzare antics in makeup,

To the big top that smells of straw & dust

Into a tarp-covered arena we enter,

Flashing pre-paid by Visa tickets

To view a considered traditional anacronism

Into our seats we sink,

Ready to be mystified confused delighted

Amazed at a 3-ring illusion called entertainment

Into helpless laughter we fall,

Halfway expecting and desiring Dumbo to wing his way

Across our silent field of sight


The clowns are businessmen, Republicans by daylight.

The zebras, prancing horses and elephants are fed

  caviar and tripe.

The ringmaster flashes his PhD and exclaims,

  "Ladies and Gentlemen, for your viewing pleasure,

  tonight, IBM is up 2 1/2 points among rapid

  trading.  Securities and futurities are downright

  patriotically upwardly mobile,...  and send in the


I wake up in time to see the Globe of Death fall apart.

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