Cult Evening (Insane if Unshared)

Sonic eploited slash

And burn hate filled forest

Ashes forever

I am so frozen that I burn

Candle in my soul

Incense in my heart smoke runs

Through my veins

Blood now gone

I wish the sun would bleed to death

The moon bleeds instead pale cheese drips

On to the terra infirma

A brisk cascade falling falling falling

Hard falling forever

Freedom exists briefly through

Inaudible whispers of non-hearable truths

And unspeakable fictions

Non-respectable friends

Undrinkable whiskey

I lend you and ear and you slice it off frame it

Van gogh-like in the atrium of centuries

Birds flutter and hunters hunt them shoot them

Severed parts of my memories drip from my murdered

Consciousness land sever and AWOL on the dusty ground

Sink in agony sink in love sink to death sink down the sink

I need a drink don't talk to me I'll fucking kill you!

I need more drugs supply them or I'll follow you!

When you start to depend on my shadow I'm gone

My reflection does not recognise me neither do you

Your eyes

Bypass mine

So I knife them out

And mail them

One to your mother

One to your lover

One more for me

Here's to you, motherfucker!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was created with two lady friend of mine during a drunken sexually charged evening of almost Baudelaire-ian proportions.  Hope you like it!!!!

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