I seem to have writer's block

  Everything is interesting to me

  And my mind goes a billion miles an hour

    As my feet shuffle along

  But sit me down in front of

    A piece of paper

    And this is all I can seem to

    Come up with

      An illustration of my own creative process

        As I write it down

      A detailling of a sentance gone mad

        With self-reference

      An ever-increasingly long

        Pedantic but not quite yet in the

          "Run-on sentance" catagory

            (A possibility, mind you,

            Considering that the reader

            May be running out of breath


        Rant that is either being read

          To you, the audience

            Live, or in recording

          Or being read by you

            In any one of a

            Number of languages

              (Assuming this by now

              Excruciatingly difficult

              To keep track of

              Phrase is translatable)

      A sentance self-evidently premised

        As an absolute falsehood

      Yet a perfectly viable and quite readable fiction

O.K., perhaps I haven't got writer's block

  And just have nothing to say

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