Majestic Infinity

All those words

Everything typed



Signalled in semaphore

Carved on a slab by hand and chisel

Painted on a subway

Slashed into flesh

By countless people over the ages

I Love Lucy bouncing across the void

Morrissey's depression has reached Pluto

By now

An endless stream of meaning




Explaining feeling thinking

Symbols cast from us never to be recanted

Recalled erased unsaid

Edited for political correctness

A monkey bangs out a random Hamlet

On my Smith-Corona

But look

A typo

Too late now the moment is set

Ink is only wet in the inkwell

Where do ideas go to die?

DaVinci said volumes with each paintstroke

Hitler burned books yet couldn't unwrite them

All those words including these spoken tonight

Churchill's fighting slogans

The Buddhist chants

Screams from Arkham asylum

Cries of yesterday's lovers

The tickertape on a catastrophic

October day in '29

The radiowaves after Armstrong's

Boots touched virgin dust

All the words

All those names of God

Even those utterances never voiced

But only thought

Everything we've dreamed and all we've seen

Is a drop in a bucket

Majestic infinity is built

One word at a time

Nothing's been said

Over 10 billion years

Compated to what's left unsaid

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