Day and Night (Cycle of Time)

Tyrant flow of flame,

  calm my dizzy body

  with your shroud of warmth and light.

I'll wait through night and rain

  for your morning-flame,

  your rising orb of fire that burns the eyes,

  and heals the soul

  from the terrors of the dark and damp.

Silent snow of dark light,

  free my burn't body

  with your cloak of night and cold.

I'll sit inside through the hot day,

  for your moon-glow,

  your rising orb of frost that cools the face,

  and saves the heart

  from the blaze of the burning bright day.

Vicious cycle of time,

  bring me to my knees,

  to my deathbed,

  to my grave,

  to what end?

The process of my life is not summed,

  has no bottom line,

  is endless.

And the end is just a cigarette break

  between shifts,

  a word from our sponsor,

  a chance to thank, personally,

  the sun,

  and the moon,

  and all the holy nights.

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