Final Clearance Sale

Everything goes

Objects of space our corpuscles too

Go the change

Go the levels

Reality binds its sweet self with hunger

Waif's tooth

The truth

Between hollow pews

An angry belly and a glint

In the eye desperate

For simplicity a womb

With one rythem

Two cadence

Three waifs

Urchining their tails

Between dancing legs

Crafted eccentricity

The streewalkers

Stride slightly slower than the hollow suited

Drones that stalk them under

Waifs toothless

The truth

The bomb-ed news

America's empty bellies their hypnotism

Cruise missle

Complicity room

For less than huddled

Masses gleeful

Marching waifs

Unchaining their eyes

Crafting puzzles

Everything goes, see?

This fear climbs

Above us without certainty

Without credibility

We found the thunder

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