I Am The Only Medicine I Need

blissful serene fevered blue waft

  of a slice of lifted life

  floating time on it's dizzy back

this dream potion phases just and

  truly out of any grasping psyche

  and delights unannounced flash

in elevators by accident walking unseen

  and in freight trains by the dozens

  delights in busy streets and empty spaces

in whorehouses of millionaires and filling in

  the bulletholes on the walls

  in the skyscraper's dove's silences

in the breath blue waft sun moon sun

  moon path shrill and measured

  the moon catches every second's face

all castenets and rhythm body rhythm moon

  snakes through tilted harmonies moon

  makes the owls transparent themselves

moon speaks herself aloud in warzones

moon we admonish for our cancers

moon kisses fevered finger tips of living saints

moon is the collarbone under

  a broken diamond necklace

  awash aflame

moon is mosquito is pandora at sullen rest

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