My Grandfather Boots

My grandfather’s boots, the most memorable pair of boots my family will always remember. Before he passed away, my grandfather had the most beautiful and amazing pair of cherry oak colored Lucchese boots ever. Every night he shined and cleaned them before going to bed. Whether he was tired or busy, whether he was sick or at a dinner. Every single morning he woke up at 5 am, slipped on his boots and went to work with his cows, it is safe to say the cows in the ranches saw more of my grandfather than we did. The kids in our family did not get to see him much, but one thing is sure, every afternoon my grandfather would come back from the ranch and leave the boots as dirty as they could get. The boots being in the same place every afternoon was the only thing constant in my grandfather house. He would change the house, buy new things, but one thing remained true, the boots would always be on the entrance of the house. Clean or dirty, as kids we used to play with them. We would put them on and play being a cattleman, just like in the Dallas show. We would play piggyback riding each other, chasing cows, and shooting coyotes.  My grandfather realized we loved the boots so much that one day for Christmas he got each of his grandsons a pair of Lucchesse boots. Each pair he bought was chosen with special care and specifically though for each grandson to match his likes. We would wear them every day to the ranch, most of us work on our parents ranch now so we wear them every day. My grandfather boots where so iconic of him that every time I put my own pair on I say to myself “Wow, now I can be like my grandpa.” When my granpa passed away, I remember nobody cared for the money nor the material goods, the only thing his children and grandchildren where fighting about where his boots. In the end nobody kept his boots, my family decided to commemorate his life by keeping them safe in the one placed he loved. Nowadays the boots are always on display in the LALA offices. They are meant to represent hard work, and that even though it is a big company nowadays the building blocks are in the ranch. My grandfather boots represent hard work and dedication. Oh how I love my grandfather boots.  Although we now each have our own pair of Lucchesse boots one thing remains sure, our favorite pair is the old and smelly Cherry Oak colored boots my grandfather used to wear.

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I hope you really like it, i wrote it from the bottom of my heart!

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