Her knees in the sand

With the ocean behind her knees buried in the sand,

her long brown hair blowing in the wind,

seeing the waves slowly drifting out she thinks,

whats next for her future what is yet too come,

she's accomplished so much yet its only the beging,

with her passion for love of music,

With her white button down top,

skin glistening in the sun,

she reached out singing its Christmas times,

using words that would hurt from a midnight confession,

she sees a weekend love, it might be a night thing but she is only human,

she prays to God you keep me stronger,

her obsession for music is her life as well as her beautiful children,

she will continue to kneel in the sand,

beautiful as ever and hitch hike her way to a better tomorrow,

coaching and teaching those who have the voice,

setting them up to be the best,

she is samantha cole our international recording artist,

the first signed to universal records,

She see's the light and continues to make sure we smile. She is finally home where she belongs writing such amazing songs.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is dedicated to my very close friend Samantha Cole  she is an amazing writer and singer. She has been involved in music and you may know her song with shaggy love me . Google or YouTube her.. the words used in this poem are her actual song titles from 2019-2021. Enjoy.

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