Your On My Mind

If i could be honest for a moment,

To tell you how you make me feel,

I can't quite explain this feeling,

but i think i am falling for you.

Conversations in the middle of the night,

helping me when i am having my fights,

Gonna know that when i am thinking of you,

there is nothing more then i want to do.


Then baby hold you in my arms ,

And baby hold you close to my heart,

Be my bestfriend the one friend this time,

My bestfirriend the one i want in my life,

and im already here just thinking about you

thinking about you you you you oh yeah thinking about you


I can't quite explain it,

It's something and we didn't plan it,

but sometimes things just happen for a reason,

and that reason is you you you,

That reason is you you you,

I can't quite explain it

I love the way you make me feel,

I love the way you me smile,

I love the way you hold me in your mind,

All the time,


Where gonna be alright,

were gonna be just fine,

You and I,

You and I

were going to be just fine

with you on my mind,


I know that you here on my mind

I'm thinking about you all this time

all this time time time

all this time, just thinking about you..





Author's Notes/Comments: 

This song is written for a special girl who I just met. Her name is Taylor she is an amazing women and i am honored to be able to call her my bestfriend..Love you BFF

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