You thought you could drop everything on me then just flit off as easy as you please. 


But Lugging around all your skeletons that were packed away in my baggage had me so tired I was thinking of knocking over some Ns just so I could catch some Zs. 


So I freed up some space in my closet. 

I hit the play button on my life and I refuse to rewind or pause it. 


I might even hit fast forward cuz I got some catching up to do. 

That way I'll still stay on track even if I take time to hit slow mo and smell a rose or two. 


And yet the rattling of those old bones is part of the music that makes up the symphony of my life. 


But instead of being paralyzed by the injustice, I cut the cord that bound me to you and the drama hit the ground faster than a marionette puppet whose strings went under the knife. 


And like those untethered threads your mind is all tangled and twisted. 

So while you try to free yourself from the morass you got yourself into, let me help clarify the point, cuz once again you missed it. 


If you drop the "li", life quickly goes from oblivious to obvious

Which is why I decided it was high time that i put a stop to this. 


Seems you thought you'd always be able to keep me stagnant and stunted. 

But all evidence to the contrary because I've extricated myself from your web, and Real Talk is I won't be diminished by anyone, and I'll forever keep it 100. 


There will be no more tears over you, no more delusions or self doubt. 


Cuz believe me, like Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam, I am simply "All Cried Out". 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 10/2/2017

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