"My Determination (LikeThis Sentence) Runs On"

Shaken and stirred because what has occurred is lines and roles once clear are now blurred and it burns to the degree of 3rd and tho to you it seems absurd because things havent ended as i would have preferred since I'm carrying debts someone else incurred plus im so tired and in pain that my speech is slurred and hopes have been deeply interred because my dreams but not the payments have been deferred until like Jenny I'm screaming dear God make me a bird so my mind and heart i can gird and onward and upward be spurred because no matter what you may have heard despite all else the simple fact is that I shall remain undeterred...Word

-KGB 01/21/2015 (8:50-9:10 pm)
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just wrote this yesterday in about  20-30 minutes or so. Not my normal style but the words picked me. Since this was written kind of  "stream of consciousness", I think I'll leave the grammar and capitalization errors in place.

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