Top Tips To Find The Right Aussie Muay Thai Trainer

When you find the right trainer for Muay Thai training in Australia, you will bond and make an unbreakable relationship. Years of dedication and hard work at the gym can turn student/teacher relationships into a lasting friendship. The blood, sweat and tears that are shed in the rings and training will help cement the relationship between the trainer and the student. While most people are happy with their trainers, not all trainers are equal. There are some trainers out there who are exceptionally good. We also have bad trainers so it is important to get the right trainer to get the most out of your training. Here are some important things you should consider when choosing a Muay Thai trainer.


Knowledge of the sport

There are some gyms that have good Muay Thai teachers who know what they are teaching. There are also a lot of gyms who have trainers that don’t know anything about Muay Thai. The misconception of thinking Muay Thai is just kickboxing with elbows and knees should be avoided. Kickboxing and Muay Thai are very different sports. They have completely different techniques and movement. If you do not care whether you are learning kickboxing or Muay Thai then this shouldn’t be an issue.


If you are a beginner, it will be impossible to recognise the difference between Muay Thai and other types of Martial arts. This will lead you to accept whatever definition of Muay Thai you get from your trainer. If you have an instructor who teaches you kickboxing and claims to be teaching you Muay Thai then you will think you are learning Muay Thai in Muay Thai gyms when you are learning a different thing. Both you and your trainer should know what Muay Thai is so that you can get what you are paying for.


A commitment to you

You should find a trainer who cares about you. it does not matter if the trainer trains the best fighters or has produced world champions, if they do not give you enough attention then you just need to forget about it and move on to somewhere you are appreciated. You need to work with a trainer who cares about your Muay Thai journey. Just because a coach has produced the best fighters, doesn’t mean he is the right guy for you.


Chemistry with the trainer

While a trainer can have a commitment towards your training, if there is no chemistry then he will not be the right trainer for you. The ability to click and relate with you is something that comes naturally. You cannot force a connection with someone. It is either you have it or you do not and when you don’t have a connection then things will be messed up.



When looking for a trainer for your Muay Thai training in Australia, you need to look beyond the titles the trainer has acquired. There are a lot of good trainers out there who have never won any medal. You only need to ensure that the trainer has experience in training Muay Thai.

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