Drowning in the Waters of Lethe



She was definitely losing days and it felt great, falling farther and farther behind in her chores, as it was repeatedly reminded to her by those who still kept track of such things. She was at the same time being filled with an entire cadre of fresh ideas for absurdly industrious projects she could not conceivably complete on her own let alone in what was likely left of this lifetime. She pretended not to hear the detractors, knowing that they were not afraid for her sanity but for themselves, that the same oblivion might soon happen to them also. And it was up to her to lead them to believe that it would. After all it was her job to point them in the direction of Cloud Nine.


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We Need Dreamers

Nothing ventured, nothing failed at repeatedly :)



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We are all Dreamers...

this Life is the Dream_()_

Thanks for stoppin' by Stella!