Pa Caleb says that Matrasenya is just thinning out the horde. He says she's not a vengeful goddess but that it is really a matter of checks & balances. I see it differently, as I always have, though I can say nothing about it having been blessed at birth by the virtue of muteness. Auntie Rix says it is a good thing as many of my ancestors were burned at the stake for speaking truths loudly. Even if I did start talking tomorrow no one would listen anyway, I'm known only as a dumb girl. But a long time ago the runes, spoke to me. Carved into the hearth for only my eyes to see, they sang this thing was coming and all along I watched for signs. Now people are starting to fall sick. I know there is no fix for it and to fear it is like sending out an invitation. Auntie Rix told me that Matrasenya says no more fear allowed and the only ones who will survive are those who are protected by the purity of defenselessness, the absolute knowing that there is nothing to be afraid of. 


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Thanks For The Hope

May this hope spread communally! ~S~



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In every direction~~~

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