Sister's Sanctuary


The dog hears the vehicle long before it turns into the driveway, barks madly to let its mistress know an intruder is approaching. They're both waiting at the gate when it pulls up. "Local law makin a call", she looks down at the dog, "Not a word." It sits obediently.

Jim Guthrie has a strange affection for this lady living way out here all by her lonesome. Thought her brave if not a little crazy, felt an odd call to guardianship over her. Not that she needed it. Tough bird she is, fearless even. He steps out of the truck, leaving the engine running and the door open.

"Hello Sheriff, been awhile. Somethin I can do for you?"

The lawman removes his cowboy hat, nods. "Afternoon Sister. Had an inmate escape from the prison over by Springerville. Just thought I'd come out n see if you's ok."

"Well thanks much Sheriff. All's well here. How's Molly?"

"She's doin real good. Cannin alot. Good year fer the garden." He replaces his hat, turns towards the 4x, looks back. "Sister you haven't happened to see any strangers out this way have ya?"

"Jim do you see that sign on my gate?"

"Yes maam", he glances at the sign then down at his dusty boots.

"What does it say."

"Refuge maam."

"So even if I had seen anyone I wouldn't be tellin you about it now would I."

He meets her eyes bashful-like, "No maam. Just you be careful Sister."

"Thank you for your concern Sheriff. Give my best to Molly."

"Will do. Call if you be needin any assistance."

Jim climbs into his truck, tips the brim of his hat to her as he drives away. He can tell she's hiding something, or someone, but he was a God-fearing man and respected the sanctity of Sanctuary. And he respected her too. The sister had special powers and he was not about to cross over her line. She cured Molly's cancer just by touching her. He knew it for an outright fact even if he didn't have no proof.

The woman waves to him then looks down at the dog, "That was a close one huh?" The dog cocks a furry ear at her and lets out a low whine.


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