Council in the Kiva



Lily had no clue how she had gotten to the kiva. She followed only the voice in her head which luckily had not played tricks on her; left, right, left. And here she was, stepping down a lodgepole ladder into the sacred space. She reverently dropped to her knees after the last rung then modestly glanced around the lodge. In a circle sat the council on all manner of seating - blanket, pillow and wood stump - and an old old old woman in a worn wooden child's chair who wore a faded blue kerchief over her head tied in babushka fashion. She looked like one of those dried apple dolls brought to life and only barely as she sat very still. Her milky eyes glowed iridescent in the firelight. Up until the moment that she spoke aloud Lily thought she might have been deceased. Here was the sum total of the ancient wisdom of the last stand of this tiny tribe, The People of the Aquamarines. Not many left yet rich in heritage and holding keys of knowledge which must be passed on. Lily bowed to the fire in the center, keeping her eyes low, and presented the 3 loaves of bread that she had brought as an offering. She set the basket out before her and touched her forehead to the ground.

"I have come from the south to extend the alliance of our community. We as children of the same earth mother wish to unite with you in spirit."

The council had been expecting this woman with hair the color of pearls. A few days ago they had sent out a distress signal which she was now answering. The old old old woman held up a wizened hand which held a pink bandanna. She wiped her mouth with it and then spoke.

"You have a Rainmaker among you - bring her to me", she waved her hand in dismissal. 

Lily humbly bowed again and exited the lodge. She had no idea who the old old old woman was talking about, she didn't know of anyone in the community who could conjure up rain. When she arrived back home she went directly to Bethy's house. Bethy knew everything about everybody in the neighborhood.

"They told me to bring them the Rainmaker?"

"Oh I know who it is" Bethy said matter-of-factly.

And so she sent Lily to me.


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